Meet The Team

Julian Burrage Director

Julian has worked in the craft for almost 40 years. He studied and worked in Bath & York and has been employed in every role from Mason to Director on numerous listed, heritage and monument status projects. From minor works to repair and renovation of rural cottages to large town and estate houses, numerous civic and public buildings and ecclesiastical property including rectories, churches, abbeys and cathedral renovation. He brings a wealth of experience to pass on to apprentices and masons alike. Julian now spends the majority of his time managing and overseeing the wide array of work, carried out each year.

Ollie Burrage

Ollie has been with Bath Stonemasons, full time, after starting his work experience 7 years ago. He is competent in all aspects of stone repair, restoration and building, including; re-pointing, cleaning and stone replacement, also the production and fixing of worked stone, including; cutting and carving profiles and mouldings. Ollie is most interested in heritage works and enjoys ecclesiastical restoration.

Charlie Stephenson

Charlie has also been with us since work experience 7 years ago and is competent in all aspects of stone repair and building restoration. He is the latest member of the team to pursue letter cutting and can often be found practicing.

Rory Ellis

Joining Bath Stonemasons 3 years ago, Rory is now a key team member. He has a good understanding of the work involved and has acquired skills at an impressive rate.

Mooch, Bella & Luna

The three spaniels also play an important part of the Bath Stonemasonry team.

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